Benzie County

Lake & Leaf Cannabis Co. is a marijuana dispensary based in Benzie County, Michigan, in the Northwest part of the “mitten”. We are just a few miles from Lake Michigan. In addition to being the headquarters of Lake & Leaf, Benzie County is full of ‘Up North’ sites and activities to partake in year-round. Benzonia Township is located along Michigan 31 along the West coast, on the way to Traverse City and Petoskey if you’re coming from Grand Rapids. Benzie County is a great place to visit any time of year.

Benzie County was found in 1869. The name Benzie is derived from the French trapper name for the river that flows through the heart of the county. The French called it la rivière aux Bec-scies (Benzie) or The River of Swanbills. Swanbills were a type of duck that populated the area. The rivers name eventually became anglicized and changed to The Betsie River. However, the name Benzie stuck for the county. Benzie county is the smallest county in all of Michigan in terms of land area. However, over 36% of the county is public land given all of the natural resources (rivers, lakes, forests, etc.).

Benzie county landscape was formed millions of years ago by glacial migrations which created the wonderful hills, lakes and sand that we see today. Originally it was inhabited by the Anashnabe tribes of the Three Fires. The Chippewa, Ottawa and Potawatomi tribes formed the Three Fires council in 796 AD. They met regularly at Mackinac Island for political and military inter-tribal meetings. Eventually settlers and trappers began to move through the region, transforming it into a logging community and finally the tourist spot you see today. Benzie County’s rich history is evident in the county today with all of its outdoor sporting activities and fun.

Benzie County is located along Lake Michigan and boasts over 100 inland lakes, making any water sports just a short drive from anywhere in the county. This makes Benzie County the premier place in Michigan for summer and water fun. From boating on beautiful Crystal Lake to playing on the beaches of Lake Michigan, there is fun for all sorts. Benzie County also is home to world class fishing, great rivers and hundreds of miles of hiking trails. Take a lazy float down the Betsie River or salmon fish for coho out in Lake Michigan.

Benzie is also down the street from Sleeping Bear Dunes and is home to 9 beautiful golf courses. It is an outdoor lovers paradise!

Don’t think that Benzie County is just for the summer. Benzie is home to the best winter sports in the state. Crystal Mountain is 10 minutes south of downtown Benzonia and has great Michigan skiing. There are hundreds of miles of snowmobiling trails and incredible ice fishing. In the fall, it has some of the best colors in the state. There’s never a bad time to visit Benzie County.

Now that Benzie County has embrace cannabis dispensaries, you can add that to your list. Benzie already has some great breweries, from Stomrcloud in downtown Frankfort, to St. Ambrose Meadery and the newly opened Five Shores Brewery. Now it has great places for you to buy marijuana in Northern Michigan. Of course, you want to partake in the cannabis after you enjoy skiing or your watersports, but it can be a great way to unwind and enjoy the lake life.

In general, Benzie County is a fantastic place to visit to get away from the rush and stress of the city. Just being up here makes you feel like your healthy again. The air is crisper and cleaner and the beautiful scenery and Lake Michigan sunsets just makes it so much more enjoyable.

Staying in Benzie County

The county has thousands of housing options for short term rentals. From hotels and motels, to resorts and VRBOs, Benzie County has you covered. Also, there are many enjoyable restaurants in the area, that meld perfectly with the culture here. Enjoy everything from fine dining to pub food and some unbelievable ice cream and dessert choices. Everything is a short drive or walk away here.

When you decide to come to Benzie County you will be able to find the perfect place to stay and enjoy all of the sites and activities that Benzie has to offer. Come for the fun and don’t forget to visit Lake & Leaf Cannabis Co., the best cannabis dispensary in Benzie County.