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If you’re a seasoned pro and have experience with cannabis concentrates, then you will find our selection to meet all of your needs. We stock different brands of wax, shatter, live resin and live rosin in our Northern Michigan shop. Al the best brands to meet all your marijuana concentrate needs.

What are concentrates?

As the cannabis industry has evolved, people in the industry explored ways to extract the THC or filter the THC into more concentrated substances. Before it was legal, the most common concentrate available was hash, but even this was only available in limited places and the THC levels were ranging from 20-30%. Since that time, concentrates have taken on a life of their own, becoming very popular among smokers and dabbers. The cleanliness of the smoking – it is much more forgiving on the lungs than flower – and the strong euphoric sensations make concentrates a popular choice among regular cannabis consumers. Concentrates mostly come in four different varieties, with sub-varieties within each group. These varieties are wax, shatter, live resin and live rosin. Each of these is made in a different way and with different cannabis matter to start. Let’s break each one down into how it is made.

Wax – Derived mostly from trim, wax and shatter are made in very much the same way. First, the trim from the plants is stuffed into a machine. This machine then uses butane as a solvent and extracts as much of the THC from the matter. The rest of the matter is then discarded. What is remaining is sludge of THC concentrate and butane. By purging the butane, you get a high concentrated THC sludge. When you manipulate this sludge, it turns to wax. The more it is manipulated, then thicker the final product. Wax can range from crumble to sauce and everything in between.

Shatter – Shatter is made in the same way that wax is made. The only difference is when you have the final product, instead of manipulating it to form wax, you pour out grams of the liquid on wax paper or some other substance and then dry this until it turns into shatter.

Live Resin – This is where the matter that you use changes. For live resin, you are using fresh frozen buds as your matter and not just trim. Fresh frozen means that the buds and the trim are all harvested at one time. They are frozen immediately upon harvest. After freezing the matter, you put it in the same device as the wax and shatter, as it also uses butane as a solvent. However, for live resin, by using the buds and trim as your matter, you get a product that has a much stronger terpene profile, so it tastes and smells much like the strain it is derived from. Live resin is strain specific, so you will see it labeled as the strain in which it was made from. Some strains really create ‘diamonds’ or large THC crystals with a sauce. These are the chem and OG strains and others that produce this diamond effect. However, other strains can be ‘live’ meaning they are made from frozen buds, but because they don’t produce diamonds, they come out in different forms from sugar to badder to marmalade/sauce. Live resin and live sugar are great for experienced dabbers. It is a cleaner high that tastes and smells amazing.

Live rosin – By far the cleanest solvent of the entire group of concentrates, live rosin is made by first making cold water bubble wax. This means that the buds and trim are frozen and then mixed with ice water. They are then ran through a series of screens that become smaller and smaller as they are used. What comes out at the end, is bubble wax or cold-water wax. From here, the cold-water wax is pressed under high pressure presses and it creates live rosin. There are no chemicals used in this process. Live rosin doesn’t have the same terpene profile as resin, but it is definitely a potent and clean high that can be enjoyed by all.

So how do you consume all the above cannabis concentrates? Dabbing is also a phenomenon that is not common knowledge, but it is one of the more popular ways to consume cannabis.


Dabbing comes from the term of dabbing the concentrate with a nail. Dabs involve torching a glass device and pressing the concentrate into the heated glass and smoking in through a device, like a bong. Dabs have been around for some time and because there is no direct heat on the concentrates, they are considered a cleaner way to consume cannabis then by smoking a joint or hitting a bowl. Since dabbing has become so popular, e-dabs have come out which removes the torch from the equation, making consumption more discreet. The number of e-dabs on the market is astounding. From dab pens that you press directly into the concentrate to full on e-rigs, the e-dabbing world has exploded. In most cases the heat element is never directly on the product, so it avoids many of the bad byproducts of heating cannabis that comes along with smoking flower.

Learning about cannabis concentrates

Since concentrates are a new thing to many consumers, they can be intimidating. The consumption process, choices and varieties of solvents make it difficult for a new consumer to indulge. That is why at Lake & Leaf we take the time to make sure you understand everything that is going into your product, the best ways to consume it and what product is best suited for you. When it is time for you to pick out your cannabis concentrates in Northern Michigan, you will know exactly what you are looking for.

At Lake & Leaf, safety is our top priority. Please make sure that all of your cannabis concentrates that you buy in Northern Michigan or elsewhere are locked away safely from children. Also, since concentrates are higher in THC content, please make sure to be careful when trying for the first time. Pace yourself whenever you are consuming cannabis concentrates.

When you visit Lake & Leaf Cannabis Co. to buy concentrates in Northern Michigan, our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you understand the details of each marijuana concentrate product.