Marijuana edibles are not a new phenomenon. Many people remember baking ‘pot brownies’ during their high school or college days. These basic cooking science experiments often backfired with some people consuming way too much and many people consuming too little. The fact that it takes people a significant time to start feeling the effects of an edible have also played into some scenarios in which people devoured more before the first ones kick in to face a nightmare of too much edibles.

All of that has since gone out the window with the legalization of marijuana in over half of the states in the US. People still make pot brownies, but why? There are vast arrays of wonderful edibles across the market that taste good and are dosed correctly. If you are looking to purchase marijuana edibles in Northern Michigan or are just looking for some information, below is a breakdown of edibles.

What are marijuana edibles?

When the average person thinks about consuming marijuana, they think of people smoking joints that look something like cigarettes. However, with the influx of medical, and now recreational, laws legalizing marijuana to the average consumers, the days of just smoking joints are over. In fact, smoking in general is not necessary to consume marijuana.

The edibles market is ever changing. Originally, chocolate bars and brownies were all the rage. Then, gummies became very popular. However, edibles have expanded to a host of new products for consumption. These include tasteless drink powder, soda and other beverages and a whole host of home cooking products like oils, butters and sauces. You can even purchase Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) – also known as active oil – and infuse your own tasty treats safely. Remember, edibles follow the same pattern as the strains of marijuana that it came from. This means that indica edibles are going to be a more laid back and relaxed euphoria, while sativa will provide boundless energy. Make sure you choose what is right for you and your mood.

The great part of edibles in 2020 is that there are limitless products to choose from. When purchasing marijuana edibles in Northern Michigan, you want to remember a few tricks to make sure your experience is the best you can make it.

  1. What is your night going to look like? – If the plan is for you to sit around with your significant other and watch a movie or binge watching your favorite TV show, then you probably want to go for something more hybrid or even indica. If the goal is to get a good night’s sleep, then ask your budtender what is the best indica edible for sleeping and they can point you in the right direction. Finally, if you are planning on hitting a bonfire or going to a concert, you want something sativa to make sure you have the energy to last the night. Consulting your budtender on the best cannabis edible in Northern Michigan for you to maximize the fun in your night is the best choice you can make to start the fun right.
  2. What do you like? – Some people love gummies, some like chocolate bars. If neither of those appeal to you, do you like drinks like sodas? If you don’t want anything but just your normal day with some THC infused, then you can opt for the tasteless drink powder. Some you may love the taste and others you may hate the taste. The trick is to finding something that makes it easy to ingest. You don’t have to stuff down a huge brownie that tastes like dirt weed anymore. Enjoy the experience!
  3. Be careful with dosage – This cannot be emphasized enough, much like alcohol, marijuana edibles have their tipping point. Now this doesn’t mean you can end up dying like with alcohol poisoning. However, it can be the same in which you can lose control. Some consistent consumers may need to digest more to feel the effects, due to tolerance, but newbies should start small and stay small until the know what they feel like and are comfortable.
  4. Be careful with time – Depending on your metabolism, cannabis edibles can take 45 minutes – 1.5 hours to kick in. So, don’t jump to eating more, that will not speed up the process, only make it worse later on.
  5. Stay in a comfortable space – When using cannabis edibles, you want to make sure you have a safe and fun space to be in. If things get too chaotic or stressful, it can work against you. Make sure you feel comfortable before consuming any edibles.

At Lake & Leaf, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible experience. Stop into our shop and see all the we have to offer. We will educate you on the various ways to consume cannabis and how each can affect you. On our medical side, our experts can explain what is the best product for your condition. We also want to educate people on different strains, so that you know what to buy the next time you come in. If you’re running late, order online and pickup. We will also have delivery coming soon to all of Benzie County!

Lake & Leaf also wants to ensure that cannabis consumption is safe and that children will have no access to products. Edibles can be especially enticing since many of them resemble sweets that kids crave. Make sure you keep your products locked up and away from children.

Edibles can be a safe and fun way to consume cannabis. At Lake & Leaf Cannabis Co., we have a wide selection of edibles that can please any consumer. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can work with you to get the right product for you. Stop into Lake & Leaf for all of your marijuana edible needs.