What is Marijuana Flower?

Flower is the heart of the marijuana industry. This is probably what most people think of when they think about medical or recreational cannabis, the green buds that people are familiar with. Genetics of flower has come a long way since the 1970s. Flower is more potent, better tasting, more pure, cleaner and much better looking. When people come to Lake and Leaf, they will see the highest quality in strains and genetics in the state. Gone are the days of dark green brick weed covered in seeds and stems. Today’s flower is grown using the most advanced horticultural science. This helps produce some of the highest quality cannabis flower. Our final product flower is also very clean and tastes fantastic.


The more people consume recreational marijuana, the more they learn about the product they are smoking. As people have grown better and better strains. Clones have allowed the industry to create new and exciting plants quickly to make the different strains nearly limitless. However, all strains are definitely not created equal. Each strain has a unique taste, smell, euphoria and effect on people. Flower is broken down into two distinct categories, indica and sativa. Both will create a euphoric feeling in people, but in vastly different ways.

Indica is a mellow and mild high that generally helps people relax and sleep.  There has been a common misconception that indica puts people to sleep. Some strains of indica are designed for sleep, but most are more of the normal high people are familiar with. People that naturally have high stress or high energy may like the soothing and relaxed waves of indica. Indica can help people relax. If you have trouble sleeping, indica can be the best thing for you. Some common indica strains are Northern Lights, all of your Kushes (Purple Kush, Afghan Kush, Blueberry Kush) and G13.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum are sativas. Sativa is the opposite of indica in that it creates an energized and upbeat high. Sativas can keep people amped and fueled for anything they want to do. This is also not a high that will make you want to relax on the couch. Instead, heavy sativas may make you want to clean your whole house! Sativa strains can be especially good for people that tend to overreact to indica. If you give certain people indica, they will fall asleep no matter if it is designed for that or not. These people have to smoke sativa or sativa hybrids to enjoy the euphoria, without becoming a walking zombie. Sativa can also be very good for creativity and concentration. Some common sativa strains are Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, as well as all of your hazes (Super Lemon Haze, Purple Haze) and your golds (Columbian Gold, Acapulco Gold).

Most strains fall somewhere in the middle and are considered hybrids. The rise of hybrids continues as people now have a legal open space to conduct experiments and crossovers of different strains. The number of strains on the market now is in the thousands. As for hybrids, there are indica dominant hybrids that have a more dominant relaxed high, such as mentioned above, but they are then crossed over with a percentage of sativa, making the euphoria mixed. The same applies for sativa dominant hybrids. They will be more energized or creative, but toned down a bit from a pure sativa due to the fact that they have been crossbred with an indica strain. This lessens the intensity of the sativa high. True hybrids try to achieve the yin and yang balance between relaxed and energized for just a straight high feeling.

Buying Marijuana Flower

When you walk into a dispensary and you want to purchase flower, it is much the same as most things you buy. You get to look at it and smell it, but obviously not try it. The budtenders will be knowledgeable on each strain, the benefits and how it will affect you. They can walk you through each strain, the different amounts and what is the best choice for your needs. Remember, the strains today are testing a 3 – 10 times the THC content then weed that people smoked in the past. Each strain will have its own flavor and distinct odor that will provide you with a superior smoking experience.

Once you have decided on the different strain or strains, then you can discuss with your budtender on how to consume. Lake & Leaf sells marijuana pipes, bongs and of course rolling papers. You can leave Lake & Leaf with everything you need to smoke when you get home.

Lake & Leaf provides a wide range of flower for all tastes. We pride ourselves on our quality marijuana flower, both that is grown by us and also provided from suppliers. We want to keep a variety of different marijuana flower strains to satisfy the vast needs of the cannabis smoker, both regular and casual consumers. Our goal is to offer high quality cannabis in Northern Michigan at a fair price to the public that are from Benzie or are just visiting this beautiful county.

Our dispensary

Does this all sound complicated? When you are buying marijuana flower at our dispensary in Northern Michigan, our trained and dedicated budtenders will walk you through all of the different cannabis flower strains and help you choose one that is right for you and your day. If you are at Lake and Leaf for medical marijuana, then different strains and genetics can treat different things. Come in to our store today and we will help you choose the right strain of marijuana flower for you. We also have pre-rolled joints if you just want something simple to spark and enjoy or share with other people on the shores of a beautiful lake near you. All of your cannabis needs can be filled at Lake and Leaf Cannabis Co. Come into our marijuana dispensary in Benzonia and see all that we have to offer.