Cannabis Vaporizers

Vaporizing has become a common way to consume cannabis. Vaporizers come in many different styles, from flower vaporizers to oil and distillate vaporizers. This article describes marijuana oil and distillate vaporizers in our Northern Michigan shop. If you want flower for vaporizers, then visit the flower page here.

What are marijuana vaporizers?

Marijuana or cannabis vaporizers came onto the scene quickly and have become extremely popular because of their high THC content, low profile and minimal smell/smoke. Since then, cannabis distillate vaporizing has become a trend that is here to stay.

How Cannabis Oils are made

There are a few different methods that can be used to create cannabis distillate that is used to make most vaporizer cartridges. First, you can use butane as a solvent using trim and extract the concentrated oil that is leftover. Once you purge that oil of all butane and impurities, you can use what remains for cartridges. This method is now quite a bit antiquated and doesn’t provide the best distillate in the end. Although this method is still used by many places, companies that are serious about making top notch cartridges are using CO2 extraction.

CO2 Distillate Extraction 

CO2 distillate extraction is the more common and pure way to make distillate. This method is simple using a CO2 machine, although the CO2 extraction machines are extremely expensive, the final product is superior of its butane cousin. In this method, you fill the machine with cannabis plant matter or trim. You don’t want to use frozen uncured marijuana flower because the yield is so low due to the high water content, so trim works just great. What strain you use will determine the quality and potency of your final product. Many companies are choosing to use single strain distillates to create their cartridges. This means that the entire batch of trim will be Gorilla Glue or OG Kush, etc. The cool thing about the CO2 extraction process is that it is able to isolate and capture the terpines separately, allowing processors to reintroduce the exact strain flavor back into the distillate for the desired taste. Terpines from individual strains can range from earthy to flowery to citrus and fruity. Depending on the strain as well will determine the euphoric feeling you have, whether it is sativa or indica. CO2 extraction is also a very clean method, as it does not involve alcohol or other substances that can be dangerous. Once the cannabis trim is concentrated and extracted, the terpines are separated from the distillate, then everything can be reintroduced and filled into cartridges and sent to stores for purchase by consumers.

What are terpines?

Terpines are the flavor and aroma patterns that are attached to the different strains of marijuana. Terpines actually can control the euphoria you feel. More relaxed terpines, such as lavender, are found in more indica dominant strains. Terpines for sativa are high energy like lemon. For most vape cartridges, distillate or pure marijuana oil is blended with terpines to create the cartirdges. As we stated before, most CO2 extraction processes allow for capturing both terpines and distillate. This allows processors with unlimited control on producing the highest quality extracts for medical and recreational use. Keeping things strain specific also allows for people to become strain ambassadors. Certain people like to try all different strains, while others find something they like and stick to it. Once someone gets a specific strain they like and they can buy in cartridge form, they can purchase that every time they want a cartridge.

Different styles of cannabis vape cartridges and pens

There are so many different pens and cartridges on the market that you can get lost in all the different brands and batteries that are available. Most batteries resemble pens in length. You screw the cartridge directly into the battery, press the button and away you go. However, these days, brands are becoming more tricky about keeping everything in house. Some are having batteries that are branded to their cartridges and they will only match the thread from their cartridges. In addition, there are new pens like Pax that are out there that use pods instead of cartridges. These pods sometimes allow for companies to fill them with live resin instead of distillate itself. Find a brand and device that works for you. Everyone likes something different.

As for the cartridges and pens you find off of the regular market, be careful. Below the recent vape crisis in the US exposed the flaws of the black market for vapes. The regulation and safety is just not there. However, another thing that is not discussed is some of the coils and heating elements that are used in some cartridges and devices with metals that are poisonous to people. This is rare, but testing for some vapes has found lead or other toxic metals in them. Most vapes are safe and the metals are fine, but just make sure you are not trusting something on the black market, or even Amazon, which sometimes operates as a black market for unknowing consumers.

Are Cannabis Vapes safe?

Recently, there was what has been termed an “epidemic”, as many younger people were going to the hospital with severe lung damage from vaporizers. None of these people purchased cannabis vapes from a licensed shop. All of them were found on the black market and were cut with oils that were unsafe for human consumption. Vitamin E Acetone was the main culprit. This is not safe for humans to smoke and can cause a severe damage to lungs. However, some other cartridges seized were cut with other substances like arsenic. You can never be safe using black market products anymore, especially vapes after the most recent crisis.

All of the vapes sold at Lake & Leaf are 100% tested through Michigan state regulated centers. All are completely safe for human consumption. When you come into Lake & Leaf, our friendly and experienced budtenders will walk you through the different vapes and options. With so much to choose from, you can have a hard time nailing down the perfect option for you. However, when you come are looking for cannabis vapes in Northern Michigan, Lake & Leaf is your one stop shop with all of the options. Our educated and friendly staff will walk you  through all brands and strains and find the perfect match for you.